ERP Vendors

In these industries, Ultra Consultants tracks the top 20 ERP vendors. Not only do we track companies and products, but we also track the resellers and partners popular among middle-market companies. There are many other products not on our list. We do not track some companies because they are smaller companies or older products that do not have significant market penetration.

In this section we will provide a profile on each vendor. We maintain this information through our contact with these vendors during our client engagements. In addition, we schedule an annual briefing with each vendor, partner and reseller.

Characteristics of the ERP Vendor Tiers

Tier I ERP ProductsTier II ERP ProductsTier III ERP Products
High complexityMedium complexityLimited functionality
Highest cost of ownershipMedium cost of ownershipLowest cost of ownership
Can be used in many industriesVertical industry focusVertical industry focus
Largest ERP companiesMedium size companiesSmaller companies
International functionInternational function
Global multi capability

ERP Software Vendors Tiers

  • Tier I ERP Vendors – These ERP vendors sell complex products that have successfully penetrated the Tier I market, which consists of companies with annual revenues in excess of $250 Million with global ERP requirements. These Tier I ERP vendors have mid-market pricing and implementation strategies to make them more appealing to the mid-market buyer. Learn more->>
  • Tier II ERP Vendors – These ERP vendors sell products designed for the mid-market company, which usually ranges in size from $25 million to $500 million in annual revenues. These vendors have products and services designed specifically for the Tier II companies. Tier II companies may have single or multiple facilities. Learn more->>
  • Tier III/Vertical ERP Vendors – These ERP vendors sell products designed for small companies that range in annual revenues from $10 million to $100 million. Tier III companies have less complex process needs and limited locations. These vendors typically focus on an industry, e.g., discrete, MTO, A&D, process (food and beverage), automotive or distribution. Learn more->>
If you need help with ERP selection or ERP implementation, the Ultra team can help lead you through the maze of ERP vendors and help you select and implement the best ERP software package for your unique needs.