IT Risk, Business Continuity, and Security

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Many of us suffered through the aftermath of the air traffic control debacle in September that affected both major Chicago airports and nationwide air travel for several weeks. Unsecured data centers, unauthorized access, a lack of robust and tested disaster recovery practices are all too common amongst today’s businesses; but when disaster … [Read more...]

What Ultra is Reading: John Kotter’s “Leading Change” and Overcoming Complacency

A few months after becoming a member of Ultra’s impressive team of ERP and business performance improvement consultants, I was asked to recommend a business book to the team, one that ideally related to guiding manufacturing companies on transformational initiatives. The book would then serve as the next read in our ERP book club series, to be … [Read more...]

Inforum 2014 Marks the Reveal of Infor Cloud Solutions for ERP

Cloud Computing

Even though Inforum 2014 is about a month behind us, the event is still on my mind, and not just because of the high-powered keynotes and prestigious speakers. The attendees knew going into the event that something big was going to be announced, and I’m sure I don’t only speak for myself when I say we were hoping it was the announcement of Infor … [Read more...]

ERP Knowledge to Share: Ultra’s Insights Regularly Sought by Industry Publications

Ultra Corporation’s vast ERP knowledge is not only acknowledged amongst our large client base, but also throughout the industry, an observation supported by the numerous articles written by Ultra employees that appear in trade journals and industry websites. Ultra works have appeared in over ten of these such publications, with one significant … [Read more...]

Centralized ERP: What Makes Sense for PE firms?

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The Ultra team is often called into a client engagement when a private equity (PE) investor acquires a manufacturing enterprise — whether in automotive, heavy duty, aerospace, food processing or other sectors. During an acquisition process, issues with legacy or outdated ERP systems come to the forefront, since PE firms usually seek to have … [Read more...]

Can You Plug Your ERP Skills Gap?

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We see mention of the “manufacturing skills gap” in many articles and industry websites, and as ERP consultants, we have also witnessed first-hand an “ERP skills” gap faced by today’s mid-market manufacturers and distributors. As an example, a recent industry article entitled “Why the Manufacturing Skills Gap is Serious" makes the case that … [Read more...]

ERP Costs: Can You Get a Handle on Total Costs of an Upgrade or New ERP System?

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What are my expected ERP costs? That’s a typical question mid-market manufacturers and distributors ask as they head into an ERP project. We well understand that an important part of justifying an investment in ERP is understanding the true required costs and investment. From the type of industry a manufacturer is in, the number of users and … [Read more...]

What is the best IT Team Structure to Support an Enterprise Transformation

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I had lunch today with the CIO of one of our larger and more complex clients today and the conversation turned to the structure of an IT team. He was curious about my thoughts on the best organizational structure to support the business transformation plan we had recently put together. The plan calls for a consolidation of systems into a single … [Read more...]

Ultra Continues to Advance the ERP Team

steven goldberg

Ultra’s expert ERP team continues to advance, with the addition of Steve Goldberg, Senior Manager, and Cindy Linam, Senior Consultant. Both Steve and Cindy recently joined Ultra, and we’re so pleased to have them on board. A core tenet of Ultra’s culture is offering the best in ERP and enterprise expertise to midmarket manufacturers.  To that … [Read more...]

Inforum 2014 Sessions: An Investment in Big Data

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I recently attended the Inforum 2014 conference the other week in New Orleans. More than 7,000 attendees gathered for a high-energy, informative event jam-packed with new announcements of advanced innovations. A previous post on Inforum 2014,  showcased Infor’s executive keynote, as well as summarized announcements related to Infor’s focus on … [Read more...]