Five Factors for ERP Success as They Relate to the ERP Reseller

success and winning implementation

When dealing with a client who is selecting an ERP system, we at Ultra always incorporate the Five Factors in our discussion. These five factors are: Feature Function, Cost, Company, Technology and Implementation/Support. If the ERP software is being sold directly by the ERP company, the five factors are very straight-forward, but when looking at … [Read more...]

Infor Syteline Reseller ‘The Lake Companies’ Highlights Syteline’s Latest Updates

Business Strategic Planning

Last week we had two demonstrations with an Ultra client who is a process manufacturer. On Monday and Tuesday we saw presentations by The Lake Companies, a Gold Channel Partner and Infor Syteline reseller who does business primarily in Midwest and Central United States, namely Minnesota, Wisconsin and Upper Michigan. Whenever we have vendor … [Read more...]

Top ERP Systems for Process Manufacturing: A Demo Series Review

Woman engineer shop floor reporting

Our latest ERP Vendor Demo Series, conducted this past March 16 – 25, focused on the top ERP systems for process manufacturing. Over six days our audience saw 90-minute webinar demonstrations from some of the leading ERP vendors for this manufacturing segment: JustFoodERP, IFS, Infor, Plex, Microsoft, and Oracle, followed by a series wrap-up … [Read more...]

ERP Project Management Methodology: The Monitoring & Controlling Process Group

Two businessmen review project methodology

Anyone who has worked on any type of project in the past knows projects can be delayed for many reasons. The reality is projects rarely go as planned. When this happens, it is time to tap into strategy for ERP project management methodology, and specifically the Monitoring and Controlling process group, as this is the group used to trigger the … [Read more...]

UXC Eclipse: A Microsoft Partner to Note

Engineer And Apprentice Orders

A few weeks ago, I was on-site at one of Ultra’s clients in the chemical manufacturing industry and was able to watch UXC Eclipse, a Microsoft Partner, demonstrate their solution. This particular chemical industry client has one location but sells a significant amount of their business internationally, which is where Gold Partner UXC Eclipse comes … [Read more...]

ERP Consumer Goods: Ultra Industry Webinar Series Installment

Apple conveyor belt Consumer Goods

Ultra has customers in a variety of different industries, but we find a good number of them are consumer goods manufacturers. Because of this fact and our consultants’ extensive prior experience working hands-on for consumer goods companies, we are definitely an expert in ERP Consumer Goods. However, when we work with our customers and discuss … [Read more...]

Microsoft Dynamics AX Roadmap and Strategy 

cloud computing

Christian Pedersen, General Manager for Microsoft Dynamics AX, hosted a talk that reviewed the themes from the keynote mentioned in our previous Microsoft Convergence 2015 post. After reviewing the main themes, Pederson set in to go into more detail about the Microsoft Dynamics AX Roadmap. Microsoft Dynamics AX Roadmap Step 1: The Cloud To … [Read more...]

How to Maximize Your ROI through Connecting ERP and MES: An Epicor Webinar

ROI Business Transformation and Graphs

An integrated ERP and MES (Manufacturing Execution System) solution offers the prospect of a complete and accurate real-time view into business operations. Collaboration and real-time visibility are keys to business growth in a variety of areas these days, and manufacturing is no exception. Within manufacturing, ERP software typically manages … [Read more...]

International Change Management ERP

Team in Asia for Change Management ERP

In a previous blog, we explored the differences in the Five Factors of ERP Success when dealing with an international client. This article offers further definition on the subject, and will go into detail specifically about International Change Management ERP. To explore this topic, see above for a photo of the enthusiastic team we had the pleasure … [Read more...]