Food and Beverage ERP Software: An Ultra Webinar Series July 13 – 17

food and bev erp

At Ultra, we know the highlighted functional areas that should be addressed in food and beverage ERP software: Recipe management, inventory control, kitting, quality, planning & scheduling, forecasting, and reporting. In addition to the necessity of these functional areas set by a company’s internal standards, there are numerous external mandates … [Read more...]

Everything You Didn’t Know About Infor ERP Software

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A few weeks ago, Ultra met with Infor representatives on-site at their New York City headquarters for a vendor briefing to learn everything there is to know about Infor ERP software. The briefing was a day-long affair that educated Ultra Consultants on the background of Infor as well as their latest strategic plans and roadmap. Infor Product … [Read more...]

Business Improvement Processes: Defining the Future State

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In previous blogs, we have explored the benefits an organization can derive from Business Improvement processes (BPI) and the initial steps required to set up the project for success. The steps of a BPI we have covered so far include the following: Choosing the right team leader Picking a team of high performing risk-takers to work with this … [Read more...]

Top Systems for Make to Stock ERP: A Demo Series Review

Our latest ERP Vendor Demo Series, conducted this past May 12 – 20, focused on the top make to stock ERP systems for manufacturing companies. Over six days, our audience saw 90-minute webinar demonstrations from some of the leading make to stock ERP vendors Infor, Epicor, Oracle, QAD, IFS and Microsoft, followed by a series wrap-up session from … [Read more...]

The Project Team Structure: ERP Project Team Roles and Responsibilities

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A successful implementation depends heavily on the team assembled to design and implement the new ERP system. An ERP implementation is one of the most important projects a company can undertake. There are many variables associated with making the project a success and realizing the desired ROI. One of the most critical factors is the ERP project … [Read more...]

ERP Cloud Vendors for Manufacturing and Distribution Go Head-to-Head

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If you’re considering a Cloud ERP project, you’re not alone. A report from Gartner, “Adoption of Cloud ERP Through 2023”, indicates that mid-market manufacturing and distribution companies consider the Cloud to be an effective, scalable and economic way to implement business applications. Furthermore, it was found that half of the organizations … [Read more...]

A Breakdown of Common Acronyms: MRP vs MRP II vs ERP?

Enterprise Resource Planning System ERP

What do these acronyms mean and how do they interrelate with each other? What is the difference between MRP vs MRP II vs ERP? One thing to note is they are all computer-based systems to help manufacturing companies run efficiently. The difference is what’s included in the scope and capacity of the system. The Evolution of MRP It all started … [Read more...]

Upcoming Webinar: EDI Scheduling for Automotive with Plex ERP Software

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On June 9, Ultra is hosting is a can’t-miss event for automotive industry manufacturers. Ultra Consultants, in partnership with Plex, will present a one-hour webinar on the importance of EDI scheduling via Plex ERP software, as well as the best tactics for enabling your supply chain to gain business process improvement. The webinar will focus on … [Read more...]