Justifying an ERP Investment? Start Here

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How does today’s manufacturer go about justifying an ERP investment? The effort involves determining an expected return on investment, anticipating total costs and fully documenting the business case for investing in a new or upgraded system. It’s critical to document the business reasons for an investment in ERP, as well as the expected value … [Read more...]

Why Switch? Some Top Reasons for Changing ERP Systems

Our team regularly speaks with mid-market manufacturers and distributors who are considering changing ERP systems. We enjoy the chance to offer insight as they consider their current ERP implementation, the challenges they face and their future plans related to investment in enterprise software. As part of these conversations, we’ve been … [Read more...]

Considering ERP: 20 Years of ERP Transformation

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We’ve been celebrating the 20th anniversary of Ultra Consultants founding and considering ERP. It’s a milestone that provides a good opportunity to celebrate our successes, as well as consider the evolving ERP landscape. Please see our previous post which takes stock of how ERP has evolved over the last two decades within the manufacturing … [Read more...]

The ERP Implementation Charter: A Necessary Ingredient for Success

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We’re currently teaming with a US-based mid-market electronics manufacturer that is actively searching for a new ERP system, and as part of the engagement, the ERP Implementation Charter has emerged as a necessary ingredient for success. At the outset of the ERP project, key drivers for ERP selection and evaluation related to improving core … [Read more...]

The ERP Project Plan: Enjoy the Journey to Success

Successful Strategy Planning

Many of our blog posts address the technical aspects of an ERP project plan. We often make the case that a manufacturer can achieve significant business results when guided carefully through a step-by-step ERP software evaluation and implementation project plan. Important considerations include following a well-structured methodology, utilizing … [Read more...]

ERP Updates from the 2014 Sage Summit

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ERP Updates is the final in our series of posts about the recently concluded Sage User Conference.  This past Sage Summit was a lot more than just high powered panelists, sponsored lunches, and guest performances. You can catch my summary of reflections of the keynote in a previous post. On July 29th, Sage went public about their latest … [Read more...]

An ERP Project Selection Guide: 20 Things You Should Never Short-Change When Selecting and Implementing ERP

Perspective Checklist

An ERP project can be a challenge. The ERP selection and implementation process is a major undertaking for mid-market manufacturers and distributors. As an ERP selection guide for those dealing with ERP projects, we’ve developed a handy list of 20 considerations to keep front and center. Don’t “short change” these 20 considerations, and success is … [Read more...]

Your Business Performance Improvement Plan and ERP: An Effective Acquisition Strategy

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This post showcases how a business performance improvement plan, when coordinated with ERP evaluation, is an effective strategy for manufacturers going through an acquisition. In our work with US-based mid-market manufacturing and distribution companies, we often speak with companies that are heading into an acquisition. Typically, the acquiring … [Read more...]