An Introduction to Ultra and Our Role in the ERP Project Management Plan

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We at Ultra Consultants participate in hundreds of projects a year. A majority of these projects revolve around Business Process Improvement, ERP selection, ERP Implementation and Change Management. But whatever the type of project, we have found that a strong ERP Project Management plan is the most influential factor in separating the successful … [Read more...]

Apax and The Exact Software Buyout: Will It Happen?

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In a press release on October 9th, 2014 Exact Software announced they are in negotiations to be purchased by Apax, a UK-based private equity firm focused on long-term growth companies in multiple industries, including technology. Exact is probably best known in the United States for its JobBoss ERP system, which has a significant user base of small … [Read more...]

Top Things to Consider When Looking for the Best Solution for Medical Device ERP

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After countless ERP projects, Ultra Consultants knows that selecting an ERP software solution is about much more than just functionality and price point. When looking for the right fit, keep the following considerations in mind, especially if you are on the hunt for the best medical device ERP solution: Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) – an ideal … [Read more...]

JustFoodERP Software: An Implementation Success Story

My colleague Dave Saunders and I are in the midst of kicking off an implementation with a current food and beverage client. For this engagement, we partnered with JustFoodERP software vendor, who sent a team that is both talented and a true joy to work with. This team came on-site extremely prepared, putting a very well thought out process into … [Read more...]

ERP Education and the Ultra Webinar Recording Library

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When it comes to client engagements, Ultra is used to being brought on in on a variety of different levels – sometimes we put together a team simply to manage one isolated assignment, and others Ultra is put in charge of an entire ERP project, all the way from selection to implementation. But regardless of our level of involvement, we believe the … [Read more...]

The Maturity Matrix and How to Create a Baseline for Process Improvement Opportunities

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In this post, we will be discussing a new tool developed at Ultra that has helped us benefit client interaction by providing a foolproof way to identify where an organization stands on several issues, allowing us to clearly define process improvement opportunities. This tool is called the “Maturity Matrix,” but before we get into the details, let’s … [Read more...]

IT Risk, Business Continuity, and Security

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Many of us suffered through the aftermath of the air traffic control debacle in September that affected both major Chicago airports and nationwide air travel for several weeks. Unsecured data centers, unauthorized access, a lack of robust and tested disaster recovery practices are all too common amongst today’s businesses; but when disaster … [Read more...]

What Ultra is Reading: John Kotter’s “Leading Change” and Overcoming Complacency

A few months after becoming a member of Ultra’s impressive team of ERP and business performance improvement consultants, I was asked to recommend a business book to the team, one that ideally related to guiding manufacturing companies on transformational initiatives. The book would then serve as the next read in our ERP book club series, to be … [Read more...]

Inforum 2014 Marks the Reveal of Infor Cloud Solutions for ERP

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Even though Inforum 2014 is about a month behind us, the event is still on my mind, and not just because of the high-powered keynotes and prestigious speakers. The attendees knew going into the event that something big was going to be announced, and I’m sure I don’t only speak for myself when I say we were hoping it was the announcement of Infor … [Read more...]