An Effective ERP Selection Process is Within Your Reach

Decision Making

The manufacturing companies we talk to are pressured to balance ERP selection and business process improvement initiatives against challenging production schedules, customer demands and workloads. A company about to embark on an ERP journey has many choices. Management may elect to walk that ERP journey alone, or they may see the value of … [Read more...]

ECommerce Meets ERP: A Look at Integrating ERP and eCommerce

puzzle piece integration

We often team with organizations looking to improve ordering and fulfillment processes by extending and integrating existing ERP and eCommerce. This need arises when the company operates within a complex sales environment that might include direct and indirect selling through corporate, partners, resellers, affiliates and other sales … [Read more...]

Five Considerations for Justifying an Investment in ERP


When we speak with manufacturing organizations, we note that many of these companies are challenged to take the important step of justifying their investment in ERP. The effort involves determining an expected return on investment, anticipating total costs and fully documenting the business case for investing in a new or upgraded system. To … [Read more...]

Using the Internet of Things to Bridge ERP Software and the Shop Floor

Internet of Things

This guest post by Glenn Nowak, Vice President at IQMS, puts the focus on ERP software and the shop floor, as it relates to the innovation of the “Internet of Things” At the Indianapolis 500, 33 elite race cars travel at neck breaking speeds for nearly three hours in what is considered to be the largest single-day sporting event in the world. … [Read more...]

A Tale of Two ERP Projects

Process Review Microsoft AX

At Ultra, we support ERP projects with companies that fit into a number of different industries, but the purpose of our involvement always revolves around the same question: how can we help you improve the way your business functions? On a basic level, despite the specific industry of a company, the journey to ERP Selection is the same. ERP … [Read more...]

Evolving ERP: Celebrating 20 Years of Business Performance Improvement

Anniversary 20 Years-stamp

This year is the 20th anniversary of Ultra Consultants founding. It’s a milestone that provides a good opportunity to celebrate our successes, as well as consider the evolving ERP landscape. Ultra’s singular focus has been, and continues to be, leading our clients on a journey of continuous improvement. While a 20th anniversary is a good … [Read more...]

Have an Active ERP Software Project? What’s Your Destination?

People in Business Process Map

When we think about an “ERP destination” for those companies involved in an active ERP software project, the journey involves leveraging technology to improve business performance. We encourage mid-market manufacturers to set a destination for an improved competitive position and overall business results. During a client engagement, we remind … [Read more...]

Business Process Mapping as a Key to ERP Success

ERP Success

When it comes to examples of ERP success, our team can point to several previous engagements. A case in point is our engagement with Radio Flyer, a company known to most as the makers of “the original little red wagon.” The relationship between Radio Flyer and Ultra was forged when Radio Flyer realized a familiar dilemma − they did not have an … [Read more...]

Transforming Your Business with Manufacturing Technology

Industrial Engineer

We read with interest a recent Wall Street Journal article entitled “How Technology is Transforming US Manufacturing.”   The question and answer format highlights optimism about strong productivity gains and reduced production costs within the US manufacturing sector. The article notes that "U.S. companies are now leading the world in … [Read more...]

Making Sense of Your BPI Project

For many manufacturing organizations, a business process improvement (BPI) project can seem somewhat daunting. While investing in a BPI project can incite feelings like fear-induced paralysis, it does so because of its importance to every company, no matter the size or structure.  It is the driver of business performance. At Ultra, our first … [Read more...]