The Business Improvement Process: Defining the Current State

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In a previous blog, we explored the benefits an organization can derive from beginning the Business Improvement process. The first and debatably most important piece of the puzzle is the Project Team Leader, who should be completely on board with the value the business improvement process will impart. The project may take many twists and turns … [Read more...]

Project Management Process Groups Continued: The Closing Group

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According to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®) Guide, the purpose of the Closing Process Group is to conclude all activities across Project Management Process Groups to formally complete the project, phase, or contractual obligations. There are two main processes in this group – the close project or phase and close … [Read more...]

How to Use ERP Implementation Best Practices to Navigate Through Your Project


ERP Implementations projects are some of the largest, longest and most complex business engagements for an organization. To aid in the smoothest project possible it is necessary to deploy ERP implementation best practices to help reduce risk and increase the chances of reaching the project’s goals. What Are Best Practices? Best practices … [Read more...]

Food and Beverage ERP Requirements: What You Need to Know

In our experience, the most important thing to note about working with such a wide range of manufacturing companies is the fact each industry is different, not only in their processes but also in what they look for in an ERP solution. The food and beverage industry is no different, and this blog serves to highlight the main functional areas that … [Read more...]

Further Your Education with Ultra’s Make to Stock Manufacturing ERP Webinar Series

At Ultra we know our ERP projects, whether selection, implementation, or a basic business process improvement project, run a lot smoother when your company is fully educated on the changes that will be taking place. Because we value this type of education, Ultra is dedicated to hosting a series of webinars throughout the year. Next week, Ultra will … [Read more...]

The Benefits of Business Process Improvement in the ERP Selection Process

Benefits of Business Process Improvement

You may be looking at upgrading your existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software and you no doubt have an ongoing Continuous Improvement (CI) Program. How can you maintain your CI program while addressing your ERP needs at the same time? This issue and effectively realizing the benefits of business process improvement are challenges faced … [Read more...]

How to Solve Three Key Challenges in the Distribution Industry with Epicor Distribution Software

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As a wholesale distributor, your business is subject to constant change. Therefore, the technology that helps your business run―and hopefully thrive―must be adaptable to keep you ahead of your competition, help achieve revenue growth, and drive customer retention. If you are a company in the distribution industry, this blog and our upcoming webinar … [Read more...]

Five Factors for ERP Success as They Relate to the ERP Reseller

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When dealing with a client who is selecting an ERP system, we at Ultra always incorporate the Five Factors in our discussion. These five factors are: Feature Function, Cost, Company, Technology and Implementation/Support. If the ERP software is being sold directly by the ERP company, the five factors are very straight-forward, but when looking at … [Read more...]

Infor Syteline Reseller ‘The Lake Companies’ Highlights Syteline’s Latest Updates

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Last week we had two demonstrations with an Ultra client who is a process manufacturer. On Monday and Tuesday we saw presentations by The Lake Companies, a Gold Channel Partner and Infor Syteline reseller who does business primarily in Midwest and Central United States, namely Minnesota, Wisconsin and Upper Michigan. Whenever we have vendor … [Read more...]