How to Maximize Your ROI through Connecting ERP and MES: An Epicor Webinar

ROI Business Transformation and Graphs

An integrated ERP and MES (Manufacturing Execution System) solution offers the prospect of a complete and accurate real-time view into business operations. Collaboration and real-time visibility are keys to business growth in a variety of areas these days, and manufacturing is no exception. Within manufacturing, ERP software typically manages … [Read more...]

International Change Management ERP

Team in Asia for Change Management ERP

In a previous blog, we explored the differences in the Five Factors of ERP Success when dealing with an international client. This article offers further definition on the subject, and will go into detail specifically about International Change Management ERP. To explore this topic, see above for a photo of the enthusiastic team we had the pleasure … [Read more...]

A Microsoft Dynamics AX Partner In-Depth: Junction Solutions Briefing Part Two

Recently, Ultra held a vendor briefing with Junction Solutions, a Microsoft Dynamics AX partner and implementer headquartered in Denver, Colorado. In a previous blog post, we provided an overview of Junction Solutions, profiling the scope of their client engagements, prospective growth, relationship with Microsoft, and what makes Junction Solutions … [Read more...]

Maximizing ERP ROI in Your Business Transformation

Often times, business executives will forego the formality of analysis when it comes to “just do” projects. Outdated machinery, legacy technology and other intuitively obvious investments need to be maintained and replaced or upgraded in order to maintain business viability. Regardless of the obvious investment, a proper business case should be … [Read more...]

Junction Solutions: A Microsoft Partner You Should Know

Junction Solutions Logo

A few weeks ago, we met with Microsoft AX Partner and Implementer Junction Solutions. Ultra Partner George Trudell led the discussion with Junction Solutions President & CEO, Jeff Grell, Senior VP of Sales, Chris Hafenscher, and VP of Sales, Joe DeHaai. Jeff, Chris, and Joe all played a part in founding Junction Solutions in 2002, and have been … [Read more...]

Process Manufacturing Webinar Series: An Ultra Consultants Exclusive Event

As a manufacturer looking to update or replace your ERP system, often the biggest challenge is finding the time and resources to adequately research your vendor options and improve your business processes through ERP. Conventions or expos are exciting, but cost your company money and time away from the office, to be met with hundreds of unread … [Read more...]

Oracle Industry Cloud Update

Cloud computing from gears on white isolated background. 3d

A few weeks ago, I met with Oracle representatives in Chicago for a standard Oracle Industry Update to discuss the company’s plans for 2015. Right away, the biggest trend you’ll see is majority of business is all about the Oracle Industry Cloud offering. To put this industry update in perspective, let’s go over a few statistics on Oracle. Oracle … [Read more...]

Cre8tive Technology & Design: Making Epicor History

Illustration on Training

A few weeks ago, Ultra held a vendor briefing with Cre8tive Technology and Design, an Epicor Preferred Partner based out of San Diego. In a previous Ultra blog post, we provided an overview of Cre8tive Technology and Design, profiling their growth and plans, industry experience, and corporate values. Today’s post covers more details on the … [Read more...]

Life Sciences ERP with QAD: A Webinar for Life Sciences Manufacturers

Recently Ultra profiled QAD for their growth plan and Cloud ERP strategic vision, in advance of their participation in our Automotive Industry ERP Webinar Series held in early February 2015. QAD’s Cloud offerings and experience extends into Life Sciences ERP, with an environment that has standard operating procedures for FDA and current good … [Read more...]