ERP Implementations: Planning and Experience is Everything

Enterprise Resource Planning System ERP

When undertaking an ERP implementation, the heaviest lifting happens during the system design and configuration testing phase.  It is a critical time for the ERP team to conduct extensive testing and make configurations, start data conversion and set up the ERP system in various pilot and test scenarios that simulate the real life future state … [Read more...]

Highlights from The Annual Manufacturing ERP Experience Conference

Jeff Carr

I recently provided the keynote address at The Manufacturing ERP Software Experience in Chicago, a focused 1.5-day event presented by MetalForming magazine. The Manufacturing ERP Experience conference is a terrific opportunity for those in metal fabricating, metalforming and other manufacturers to become educated on what it takes to successfully … [Read more...]

The New Rules of ERP: Finding the Best Fit

Ultra recently hosted the first webinar in a series we call “The New Rules of ERP” geared to mid-market industrial manufacturers. Those in attendance saw what it takes to gain a good understanding of what is possible with today’s modern ERP system. We talked about ERP education, so the ERP project team can begin to visualize the new … [Read more...]

Taking a Close Look at Microsoft Dynamics AX

Process Review Microsoft AX

Ultra’s ERP selection process is a multi-phased affair.  After the Business Process Improvement phase has been completed, our team takes a manufacturer from a vendor long list request for information, to a vendor short list complete with detailed demonstrations. The third step in the evaluation process is a “deep dive” phase that often lasts a full … [Read more...]

ERP Systems and Part Numbering: How Smart Do You Have to Be?

Parts Numbering

Many of the companies we work with operate a production environment that necessitates the tracking of hundreds – if not hundreds of thousands - of parts. Parts must be managed, stored, retrieved and handled in ways specific to the manufacturer’s unique operation, especially in high mix production environments. To help manage and effectively … [Read more...]

Looking for ERP Software for your Make-to-Order and Job Shop Company? Start Here!

Technology process of microchip device assembling at manufacture

With 2014 well underway, many make-to-order and job shop manufacturers are looking for ERP software. As such, they are under going projects to effectively compare and contrast ERP systems. It’s tough to know how to start such a search. Now, top vendors come directly to you, and display system features specific to the make-to-order … [Read more...]

Our Growing Team: Ultra Welcomes Two Senior ERP Consultants

Martin Moor

We recently welcomed two Senior Consultants to Ultra’s independent ERP consulting team. Marty Moor and Tom Rodgers are manufacturing technology veterans who both offer manufacturers extensive business analysis and project management experience in multiple industries. We’re so pleased they are now part of the Ultra team. As professionals who … [Read more...]