4 Reasons to Register for Ultra’s ERP Demo Series

Register NowThe ERP Vendor Webinar Series Starts on June 10th

What’s the best way to effectively compare and contrast ERP systems?

How about if the top vendors come directly to you, and display system features specific to the make-to-order manufacturing industry?

That’s the idea behind Ultra’s ERP Vendor Webinar Series taking place next week, June 10 – 13, 2013.

Manufacturers may register at no cost for the ERP vendor webinars made up of eight two-hour presentations at two presentations per day.

Participating ERP vendors SAP. Oracle, Microsoft, Infor, IFS, Epicor, ABAS, and Jeeves.

4 Reasons to Register

  1. Tailored to make-to-order industry:  Unlike other ERP comparison events, the webinar series focuses on the make-to-order features and functions specifically needed in this industry.
  2. Reduces your risk: For most manufacturers, ERP selection is fraught with risk. You’re never quite sure if you are obtaining the information you need to make an informed decision. Now, manufacturers reduce risk via live and on-demand webinars hosted by our team of independent ERP consultants. We guide the conversation, and make sure your time is well spent learning about leading ERP vendors in your industry.
  3. More cost effective option: These no cost, no travel demos are by far a more effective option for ERP selection teams looking for ERP education. Each past participant has found these events extremely valuable.
  4. Less hassles: Companies avoid the hassle and disruption of traveling to an on site event. Instead, participants view online “end-to-end” business process demos, plus access archived presentations for on-demand view with selection teams, all from the convenience of their own locations.

Not Too Late to Register

The next series is coming up soon and we’d love to host you.

Manufacturers should reserve their spot now for the June 10 – 13, 2013 ERP Vendor Series –a must for companies looking to see what is possible with modern ERP technology.

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