Your ERP System: Would You Rather Fight than Switch?

There’s a struggle going on within many of today’s manufacturing organizations.

The challenges involve a manufacturer’s ability to meet customer demands, to handle an ever-changing competitive environment, all while coping with the limits of their legacy ERP systems.

When a manufacturer operates with an outdated ERP system, they reduce their ability to enter new markets or regions, implement lean manufacturing or manage change.

It’s virtually impossible to enable business process reengineering within the confines of outdated ERP.

An organization’s leadership often wrestles with the thought of investing in a new ERP solution. Should they invest precious resources into an ERP selection process or would they rather “fight than switch?”

Further Reading

The folks over at the industry website ERPfocus recently shared my guest post that addresses some of these same issues.

The guest post is entitled Wrestling with Your ERP System?  These Five Questions Can Stop the Fight

We got a chuckle by those Sumo wrestlers you see on the guest post, but the fact remains: by performing the required research on new ERP technologies, taking the time for strategic ERP comparison, and motivating the team for change, you can quit the fight and look forward to success with your ERP initiative.

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