Global Shop Solutions ERP Updates and Their Impact on Implementation

Global Shop Solutions

On a recent project, I have had the opportunity to work with a manufacturer of precision pressed and milled blanks that serves a variety of industries, including aerospace, automotive, and oil & petroleum. Through a highly engineered process, this company takes raw metal powder and presses, sinters, and grinds it into a specifically designed … [Read more...]

Exiting Excel: The Five Top Reasons for an Integrated ERP System

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As we help our clients through their selection processes for an integrated ERP system, one of the first things we do is work to get a solid understanding of how their business operates on a day-to-day basis. One common thread we see with nearly all of our customers is a heavy dependency on Excel spreadsheets. Shockingly enough, Ultra has worked … [Read more...]

Your Business Performance Improvement Plan and ERP: An Effective Acquisition Strategy

Business Concept

This post showcases how a business performance improvement plan, when coordinated with ERP evaluation, is an effective strategy for manufacturers going through an acquisition. In our work with US-based mid-market manufacturing and distribution companies, we often speak with companies that are heading into an acquisition. Typically, the acquiring … [Read more...]

ERP System Selection: 4 Scenarios Worth Noting

ERP Project

The manufacturing companies we talk to are pressured to balance ERP system selection and business process improvement initiatives against challenging production schedules, customer demands and workloads. A company about to embark on an ERP journey has many choices. Management may elect to walk that ERP journey alone, or they may see the value of … [Read more...]

Why Your Business Process Improvement Projects Don’t Have to Wait


Ultra has been teaming with a precision manufacturer and strategic supplier of precision machined parts and mechanical sub-assemblies. We’ve been enjoying the partnership, as we move the company through the ERP education phase. This phase involves educating the business team in best practices to drive the business process … [Read more...]

ERP Usability: How User Friendly Is Your ERP System?

Business Technology

Many ERP vendors are  introducing more intuitive user interfaces for an improved look and feel. If these capabilities are not understood, ERP selection will fall well short of its potential. In terms of ease of use, we see plenty examples of ERP implementations that have gone wrong due to a poor “user experience.” The story of Avon’s failed … [Read more...]

What to Consider When Evaluating ERP Workflow Management

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We advise our manufacturing clients that it’s a best practice to see an ERP project as a platform for continuous improvement. Teams heading into ERP selection should take the time to gain knowledge of the features and functions offered by today’s modern ERP systems when evaluating ERP workflow management. ERP and Workflow Management Today, many … [Read more...]

ERP for Food and Beverage Industry: 3 Mission-Critical Focus Areas

ERP Food and Beverage Industry

The Ultra team shared a blog post a few months back entitled “What Do Companies Need to Know About Food Processing ERP Systems?” The post highlighted the US Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) which requires food companies implement the appropriate processes to not only manage recalls, but also to support an effective food safety plan. Since … [Read more...]