ERP Readiness Assessment

Are we ready for a new ERP system? Many of our clients ask this question. Are we ready? Is this the right time? Can we be successful with a new system? Will we be wasting our money?

Collectively, Ultra Consultants have been involved in over 1,000 ERP projects.  We gathered as a team and  identified the following as keys to readiness for a new ERP system.

Is there a business case for change?

Ultra guides clients in the development of the business case by reviewing and analyzing existing processes, educating the client in best practices for their industry, and designing a future state of business processes based on the latest ERP technology.  Once that future state is defined, we can then ask management, “What is the benefit of these new processes?”  This dialogue leads to the definition of the business case for change.

Is this the right time for change?

Many times the answer is no! ERP projects are tough projects and they consume a lot of resources. Oftentimes, these resources are vital to running the business day-to-day or they may already be consumed on other projects. The management needs to decide where this change fits in their priorities. Only when the management team agrees it is one of their top priorities are you ready to proceed.

Do we have the resources and expertise?

A company embarking on an ERP change needs to apply its best resources and needs to have or acquire modern ERP knowledge. The project will only be successful if it is run by the business people. The team can only be successful if it includes knowledge of modern ERP systems and ERP best practices.

Does top management support the project?

Will executive management fund the project with the necessary team (business users) and money to make the project a success? These projects must be driven from the top management team.

Ultra is often asked by its clients to do an ERP readiness assessment as well as an ERP comparison. These projects evaluate the above points as well as develop the following deliverables:

  • Analysis of current system
  • Education on ERP best practices
  • Future state process definition
  • Business case for change
  • ERP project management and team
  • Project plan
  • Project budget
  • Risk assessment
  • Readiness assessment
Contact us today and let us help you decide if you’re ready.