ERP Contract Negotiations

In today’s technology world, ERP contracts and prices are still very complex.  With experience in over 100 projects, Ultra Consultants has the experience to assist all of our clients with contract and prices.

Ultra Can Help Navigate You Through Your ERP Contract Negotiations

Early in our projects we help our clients establish the correct budget for Business Process Improvement, an ERP, or a BI project. During the project we help our clients evaluate ERP vendor proposals. Toward the end of the project, Ultra assists with the negotiating phase by:

  • Comparing bids
  • Establishing a negotiating team
  • Establishing a negotiating target and strategy
  • Assisting with contract review
  • Assisting with negotiations

ERP projects include negotiations for:

  • ERP software price and contract
  • ERP annual maintenance price and contract
  • ERP implementation vendor professional services price and agreement
  • Implementation of ERP vendors “statement of work”

Ultra’s services insure your organization is not overpaying for software, is buying the right software components, and that you are hiring an implementation team that can be successful. Our contract guidance supplements your legal counsel to make sure you are protected in the arrangement with your new ERP partner.