Ultra is a Leading Provider of Independent ERP Selection

ERP Selection is a vital process a company must employ to acquire modern information technology that will drive business process and business performance improvement.  Over 100 manufacturing and distribution companies successfully completed their ERP Selection projects under Ultra’s guidance.

An ERP Selection project is a key component to a successful ERP implementation. Implementation projects that fail to attain expectations can be traced back to poorly executed ERP Selection projects.

Ultra Consultants employ a “business process” evaluation methodology to evaluate ERP vendors. Ultra’s ERP Selection services are integrated with both Ultra’s Business Process Improvement services, ERP Implementation services, and Business Intelligence services. The integration of all of these services makes Ultra client teams more efficient and overall “time to benefit” is reduced.

Business process definition (both current state and future state) drive our client evaluation projects. Ultra helps our clients identify the vendors that meet the required ERP selection criteria and excel in these business processes in our client’s industry.

ERP Selection Projects Evaluate Vendors Based on a Proven Set of Criteria

  • Software functional fit to the future state business process needs
  • Vendor’s presence and strength in our client’s industry
  • Vendor’s technology direction
  • Vendor’s support ecosystem
  • Total cost of ownership

Our process guides our client to a vendor’s product that has a good fit to the client’s business process needs, and to a vendor that will be a good partner for the next twenty years.  Ultra becomes the guide to help the client team navigate the vendor evaluation process.

Our Software Selection Process Delivers Results

  • Identification of vendors
  • A vendor interview process
  • Development of “evaluation drivers”
  • Decision criteria table
  • Process driven demonstration scripts
  • A vendor product presentation and evaluation process
  • Evaluation vendor implementation capabilities
  • Vendor price and contract negotiations

The Ultra methodology will make the entire ERP selection project more efficient and will shorten the project duration. The client team becomes more efficient, the ERP vendor becomes more efficient, and the process builds a foundation of information, education, and documentation that will increases the client’s project success.