ERP Selection and Implementation: It’s All in the Timing

In any ERP project, sooner or later the question arises, “how fast can we select and implement this ERP system?”

That’s an understandable question. Transforming from a legacy system to the latest software solution is not a quick project.

Our team of independent ERP consultants suggests key best practices to keep front and center when heading into a resource-intensive process like selecting and implementing a new ERP system.

Planning out the project timing is one of those best practices.

A Matter of Timing

After managing numerous ERP selection and ERP implementation projects, we suggest that the timing issue be treated as a separate step.
Project timing deserves a special look because we place a great deal of emphasis on ERP education in a selection project.  The faster your team can learn, the faster the execution of the entire project.

A key question to consider, therefore, is how fast can you get the team educated and ready to get through the project on the most direct path.

Do not focus on ERP selection speed; focus on ERP education and understanding how new business processes in new ERP software will improve the business.

The ERP Project Schedule

The foundation of the schedule is a meaningful scope of work that has been identified and approved by the key project sponsors. In essence, you will create a task-by- task outline that includes every task needed to successfully implement your project.

This includes tasks addressing functional, technical, administrative, testing, training and communications.

As noted above, be sure ERP education is part of your comprehensive project schedule.

This is where knowledge of project management, and use of project management software will be useful.

Those familiar with project management are well versed in developing a meaningful ERP project schedule that includes tasks, summary tasks, task durations, task owners and a Gantt chart.

Learn More

Timing and project scheduling are just a few of the best practices associated with effective ERP projects.

To learn more, Ultra offers you a complimentary white paper highlighting seven steps to effectively organize an ERP project.

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